Plato's Cave

Philosophy is not my strong suit. I am not one for unanswerable questions. I rather would have a math problem that can be fixed and solved and I'm done. When I wrote the essay over Plato's "The Cave", these ideas were running through my mind and this close-mindedness led to one of the worst essays I have ever written. Period.

Culture, Heritage, Food, and Me

I would like to start this party off by saying I am a half-hearted American/Slovak/Brit/whatever else my cultural heritage turns out to be. I have never really engaged in any of my cultures, unless reading Politico and complaining about the current political crisis can count as engaging as an American citizen. I know my grandpa on my mother's side is Slovakian but knowing that and engaging in your culture are two very different things. I also know that my father's side had ties to Britain, but I don't really know how. I've lived my whole life in the very American bubble of knowing your culture and your heritage but never truly engaging in it, so when I was told that our midterm was to engage in a culture I had never learned about, I was worried to say the least. I had no idea what to do because in my mind, I have no culture or heritage, I just am Generic White Person™. However, when I got home and told my mom what we were doing and how frustrated I was about not knowi…

Emotions and High Voltage

Invisiblia opened their third season with a two-part episode about emotions, and in an hour and thirty minutes, completely refutes everything that you think you know about emotions. The podcast starts with a harrowing story about a lawsuit that redefined emotions place in the legal system, but did so in a way that did not acknowledge the truth of what emotions really are. On June 8, 2004, Amanda Thornberry and her husband Michael were driving to Columbia, Missouri with their four year old daughter Makayla and their newborn baby, Hannah. On the same day, on the opposite side of the freeway, Tommy Jarrett, a trucker, was driving a shipment out west. When it started to lightly rain, Michael lost control of their green Grand Prix, skidded across the median into the other lane where Tommy was driving. The crash was inevitable. Micheal, Hannah, and Amanda all survived with few injuries, but Makalya did not, and like any loss of a child, this car crash haunted Amanda and her husband. Howeve…

My Personal Geography

I'm going to be completely, brutally honest. I was not a fan of this project. I felt like I had been reduced to a kindergartner, with the whole "let's make a map of your brain" shtick. I did this exact same project in elementary school, where I was given a brain and I had to color in whatever I thought was in my brain, i.e., my personal geography. So I did not head into this project with an open, accepting, kind mind. Whenever I think something is stupid or idiotic, I immediately turn to Mystery Science Theater 3000, my idols, and I MST3K life. You can see this very clearly in my project. I did not take it too seriously. However, as much as I physically tried to avoid enjoying or finding deep meaning in this project, there was no way I couldn't.

Most of my life, people have immediately categorized me as "that one smart girl" and while I kind of agree with the fact that I like school, I don't totally agree with that characterization. It doesn't r…

Review of Language as a Way of Knowing Presentation

When I got my group, to be completely honest, I was a little worried about how the project would go. I barely knew Rebekah, rarely talked to Jada outside of debate, and almost never saw Gabe talk for five minutes straight. I knew Nykia, but almost never saw her in academic classes. I also was not very interested in language because to me, it seemed kind of boring. How can speaking change your thoughts at all? It's just language. I was worried and honestly, a little stressed I would have to do this all by myself.
Once we started working though, I knew I was wrong. One of the many challenges of IB is having to work with people who are very different for you and being able to recognize their strengths, which is usually something that I am not very good at, however, when grouped with strong, smart, individual people like the ones in my group, there is no way in which you can not notice your own failings and their strengths. 
Without the people in my group, my presentation probably wo…

The Only Truth, Tea

I believe in tea. Not the sweet iced tea that is the traditional drink of people in the South, but hot black tea with milk, no sugar please. I have been drinking hot tea with milk ever since I was born. My father taught me how to make it, straining the tea and waiting for it to steep. His father taught him, and his father taught him. All of my siblings drink tea as well, which is admittedly weird. In a world of devoted coffee drinkers, my family is the odd one out. When everything is moving too fast, when your mind is too busy and the world is falling in, tea is always there as a calming, strong force. No matter the issue, taking time out of your day to make tea and drink it always helps. In 2015, my grandpa was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and he slowly started forgetting everything. By that point in my life, I had already made the transition to coffee that every student makes in their life. I was drinking up to four cups a day just to stay alive and awake in class, then be able t…